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Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum
Cantor Yair Harel
Sara Miriam Liben, Resource Development and Community Coordinator
Zion – An Eretz-Israel Community
PO Box 7559
9107402 Jerusalem
Phone: 058-589-3005 (from Israel)
From USA: 469-297-2599
E-mail: rakezet.zion@gmail.com
Web: zion-jerusalem.org.il



Kehilat Zion is a community of Israeli Jews of all backgrounds, beliefs, customs, and practices, gathering together to re-dream Jerusalem as a meeting point for all. Zion provides the opportunity for many to pray and celebrate Judaism in a way that feels authentic and relevant to them, oftentimes for the first time in their lives, within a community deeply rooted in tradition and Jewish heritage.  Within a few years Zion became a unique inspirational community for Jews and Non-Jews in Israel and around the world, paving the way through prayer, social justice, and study to a Jerusalem of shared Faith and Hope.

Zion Seeks to Re-Dream Jerusalem by:

Building a Welcoming Community and Israeli Language of Prayer

IMG_7992-minZion provides the opportunity for many Jerusalemites to pray and celebrate Judaism in a way that feels authentic to them, oftentimes for the first time of their lives.  Our motto to come as you are invites growth in the realm of prayer, study, and social justice while being surrounded by others who are doing the same.  Men and women, Orthodox and secular, Reform and Conservative, Sepharadi and Ashkenazi are all welcome to participate and lead in an egalitarian community. 


Learning in a Community Education Program_DSC1278-LT
Zion’s comprehensive community education program is rooted in our core values of building a pluralistic Jerusalem based on mutual respect. Our different programs include Shabbat and holiday family programming initiative (part of the Shababa Network), our first ever youth group (Zion-NOAM), and our Beit-Midrash program that has three different study tracks open to all: the study of Torah, Interfaith text study group and Arabic lessons for all ages.


Bridging Faiths in the Public SphereIbtisam and Tamar-min
Zion initiated and launched a unique project of interfaith prayers in the public sphere of Jerusalem including our annual multi-faith Chanukah candle lighting, and our multi faith prayer at the popular First Train Station on Jerusalem Day. We take the difficult realities of Jerusalem as a starting point to envision what Jerusalem can be for all.


Innovating Social Justice Projectphoto 3
Zion sees its responsibility to become a meeting point for the different populations of Jerusalem like Lone Soldiers, ultra-Orthodox Haredi women and African asylum seekers to enable them to meet and learn from each other. This winter we opened the first multi-faith clothing shelter in Jerusalem between Christians, Muslims, and Jews where we build meaningful relationships through volunteering together.


What they say about “Zion-Jerusalem”…

“Old, formal, modes of rote ritual and worship appear to be proving less attractive and hence are in decline, not only among the younger generation. This is not due to loss of faith. Rather, more and more people of all ages and backgrounds are seeking meaningful ways of communicating with the Divine Spirit, of finding spiritual meaning and uplift in revised, renewed forms of community and communal worship. They seek each other out in order to collaborate in this search for a new, satisfying, uplifting mode of prayer and study. Now some of us are witnessing and participating in the birth of such a pioneering effort, Zion, led by a charismatic leader who is learned, creative and profoundly spiritual. This is a true renaissance”

Prof. Alice Shalvi, recipient of the Israel Prize for lifetime achievements and unique contributions to Israeli society, Zion Chairperson

“For the last few years, except on the Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe), I have been praying alone, not in a synagogue or with any community. The news about Kehillat Zion’s birth is very exciting to me, because it gives me a chance to find a home where I can pray with other open hearts, in a community of people with similar mind and heart desires”.

Avi Har-Tuv, psychotherapist

“For many years our family has been searching for a community of true Jewish Pluralism, which would embrace the Sephardic traditions from which we come; which would engage us in the making of chessed not in words but in everyday deeds; and which would enable us to live a Jewish life of caring for one another in the State of Israel.”

Ilanit Baruchi, vice principal Re’ut High school

“I dream of a community that would reach out with that same compassion taught to me by Savta Leah from Poland and Savta Channa from Morocco, where I can enter as I am, pray as I am, where my boys could sit on my lap as they sing their prayers, where I can learn seriously, where I can renew my tradition out of free will, and grow.”

Orit Raz, filmmaker and video therapist

Join us in dreaming and creating together.

Zion Overseas Membership

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$ 360     Admirers of Zion

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$ 900     Builders of Zion

Dreamers of Zion   $ 1200+

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