BTI Friday Evening Services at the Tel Aviv Port

Beit-Tefilah Israeli, is a diverse, pluralistic, Tel-Aviv congregation, in the spirit and format of Bnei Jeshurun in NYC. The congregation celebrates together musical Friday night Kabbalat Shabbats, holidays and Jewish Lifecycle events. Beit-Tefila is home to secular and traditional Israelis in greater metropolitan Tel-Aviv. Its member are from all walks of Israeli life.

This summer as part of its outreach to Tel-Aviv, Beit-Tefilah has teamed up with the management of the Tel-Aviv Port, which runs the beautifully renovated old Port district now home to an expansive wood boardwalk lined by restaurants and cafes. In a quieter section of the boardwalk, at its southern edge where the Port runs into Metzitzim Beach, Beit-Tefila in the spirit of outdoor summer homes and events is conducting outdoor public Kabbalat Shabbat services every week during the months of July and August.

Services are based on the traditional text, accompanied to melodically arranged tunes, both traditional and more modern ones. In addition a few modern inserts are interjected into the abridged traditional liturgy including Modern Hebrew poetry, modern classic Israeli song standards, and even an occasional universal one like Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World, sung in Hebrew.

BTI’s Give a Soldier a Siddur Project
Tzahal (the IDF) gave their approval to give the Siddurim to soldiers attending BTI services in Tel Aviv.  Imagine, a progressive Friday evening service and 3-4,000 IDF soldiers.  We want to give each soldier the siddur they use to take home. Click here to learn more about the Soldiers Siddur project.
Contribute to the BTI Soldiers Siddur Project and receive the recently released Tel Aviv Prayer CD which contains the music of the BTI service at the Tel Aviv Port.