MKs are utterly ignorant about Reform Judaism, says Sharansky

Almost a year after collapse of Western Wall compromise, Israeli and Diaspora Jewish leaders air grievances at a Knesset session of the Lobby of Religion and State.

Article by Amanda Borschel-Dan, Times of Israel

‘Hello rabbi? It’s Ruth the Moabite. I’m calling to let you know that because my conversion is in doubt, my grandson, King David, is being called a gentile and they’re burning his book, the Psalms.”

At the December 27 Knesset meeting of the Lobby of Religion and State, Rabbi Yosef Avior’s imagined scenario introduced a brief moment of levity into an otherwise intense meeting of past and serving MKs, rabbis and leaders from all streams of world Judaism.

In the meeting’s opening remarks, co-chairperson MK Elazar Stern stated its topics were to be two hot-button issues in Israel today: recognition of conversions from abroad, and the planned — and highly contested — pluralistic prayer pavilion at the Western Wall.

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