How Does KBY Work

Kehillot B’Yachad (KBY) was launched to materially increase support for progressive congregations from individuals. KBY congregations represent a collective approach to Jewish values and practice that mirrors and makes whole a stream of Judaism that we accept as consistent with our own modern traditions. We want to show our support for pluralistic progressive Judaism and to make sure those institutions that represent us in Israel have the necessary resources so that they may build a stronger position within Israeli society.

1. Gift contributions of $360 (a KBY Associate) support one Israeli congregation.  Gifts at a “Friends” level ($180) are combined and a $360 grant is made to one synagogue.  “Builder” contributions of $1,000+ are always directed to a specific congregation for their capital campaign.

2. KBY will connect you to a synagogue in Israel or you can express your support for a congregation you already know. (Why let KBY select a congregation for you?)

3. No administrative fees are taken from your contribution, including the fee for credit card processing.  KBY raises the funds for administration separately from KBY membership, friend and builder contributions.  Only contributions earmarked for “administration” cover KBY operating expenses.

4. When you “Join KBY” and make a contribution, you will be asked where to direct the funds, to a Reform or Conservative congregation in Israel.  When you process the Contribution you can indicate a specific congregation, if you so desire.

5. You will receive contribution acknowledgement from KBY for your tax records.  For Associate Level contributions, your gift will be acknowledge directly by the receiving congregation.

6. All Associate Level contributions are listed on the KBYonline “Supporters” page, and Builder contributions are listed on the “Be a Builder” page, unless otherwise requested.  All contributions are received with our grateful thanks and appreciation

7. Builder’s contributions of $1,000 or more are directed to the synagogues with building programs, which you select and are earmarked for their capital campaigns.

8. You may of course “join” (contribute to) more than one congregation or make multiple “Builder” contributions.

9. KBY is registered through the IRS since 2004 as a 501(c)(3) organization, and therefore is eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.  For more information about our status, please see “tax exemption status” on our “Administration” page (you can click here).

You can direct questions to: or link to the Contact KBY page to send us a message.

Why we encourage contributors to let KBY direct their contribution

KBY wants to distribute, both fairly and equitably, contributions to participating congregations. However, we ask you not to pick a specific congregation, and here is why…

It is natural for those who are familiar with Israel to want to support congregations where there is some association. Keep in mind, however, that if you are a visitor to Israel and have attended services at a Reform or Conservative synagogue, it was probably one in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or perhaps Haifa. Further, it was probably one of five out of a total of 110+ R/C congregations in Israel. Please let KBY place your synagogue contribution.

Of course, everyone has many reasons for participating in the KBY project. You are the one to decide, and the KBY web site supports both specified and unspecified congregational support.

All renewal contributions will naturally go to your affiliated synagogue, if you agree to continue your support.

Why Support a Congregation in Israel?

Essential Reasons to Support KBY

Who is KBY?