KBY Writes Torah Scroll

This past year KBY commissioned and completed the writing of a Torah Scroll based upon a gift from a donor.  KBY granted the scroll to the  the Conservative Congregation in Zichron Ya’akov last Simhat Torah.  This of course was as close as we may come to the “giving of the Torah”, clearly a highlight of the year. 

The Torah Scroll was delivered with a hand full of letter incomplete.  A ceremony was held to complete the writing of the scroll and a festive procession, through the streets of Zichron Ya’akov, to deliver it to the congregation. 

Torah Scroll Procession


The final letters were added to the scroll in the pictures below (Click on image for a larger view):

Final letters Added


Torah Scroll Before Final Letters Completed

Note closely the image of the scroll.  The letters toward the bottom are not as clear as those at the top.  Several of the letters are incomplete in this picture.  They were completed at a ceremony marking the completion of the scroll.  Friends, family and congregants completed individual letters until the scroll was finished.  They scroll was paraded through the streets of Zichron Ya’akov until it founds its new home at Kehillat v’Ahavta. 

KBY is grateful to have participated in this project and is appreciative of our donors, David and Michael Fruchtman who along with the scroll contributed an Aron Kodesh, Rimonim (silver ornamentation), and scroll covers.