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Rabbi Nir Barkin
PO Box 128
Modiin 71700 Israel
Phone: 011-972-8-975-3461
E-mail: yozma@yozma.org.il

YOZMA – The Reform Jewish Community in Modi’in


YOZMA, meaning “initiative” in Hebrew, is also an acronym for Yahadut Zmaneinu, Moreshet Ha’Am – Judaism of our Time, Heritage of our People.

Founded in 1997, YOZMA is the vibrant spiritual, educational and
cultural center for Progressive Jewish life in Modi’in and the surrounding area.

YOZMA’s mission is to establish an Israeli, progressive Jewish community which provides spiritual, educational and cultural services based on Jewish values and which strives for Tikkun Olam. 


YOZMA has formal and informal educational programs, which include:

  • The YOZMA elementary school (grades 1-6)
  • Six preschool classes
  • Beit Midrash courses
  • Telem youth group (Israel Reform Movement youth Group)
  • Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Workshops
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah seminar and individual instruction

Tikkun Olam Projects

YOZMA is committed to social justice and received Modi’in’s Outstanding Volunteer Organization Award.
Our projects include:
• Outreach to communities with special needs, such as the adoption of the Beit Eden home for developmentally-challenged children from low income families

  • YOZMAN– a highly-successful after-school weekly tutoring program in which volunteers tutor children from economically-challenged families
    Single-parent familysupport groups and programs
    Food Bank: Holiday distribution of food packages to low-income families throughout the city
    Bereavement Support Group
    Mentoring HUC-JIR Rabbinic Students


Senior Rabbi and Executive Director – Rabbi Nir Barkin
Community Rabbi Philip Nadel

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