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Dr. Shimon ben Horin
Chairman: Sasson Rahamim
Moadon Gil Hazahav,
6 Sirkin Street, Herzliya

Our community was formed 25 years ago in 1990 . This was just before the big aliya from the Former Soviet Union. Already in 1991 we hosted the first bat mitzva celebration of a young lady called Olga who was the daughter one of these new immigrants. Such an unusual event that it was in the national press! A few months later we decided to host a communal seder for Passover. We catered for about 60 people but an hour before the start we already had double the number. This is how we became the Jewish connection for the Russians. A fantastic experience which has continued for many years up to the present and we are able to conduct many life cycle events in the premises which our former Mayor Eli Landau allowed us to use, continuing to this day.

Our original Russian membership has declined and we now face a constant challenge to reach out to new potential members, in particular those born in Israel. This challenge together with religious-political problems makes us ever more determined to continue to offer an authentic liberal Jewish alternative, including a liturgy with a modern “Israeli” flavor, some of which can be downloaded from our website:

Your generous support gives us the resources to meet this goal.

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