HaMinyan HaMishpachti HaMasorti

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Rabbi Nathalie Lastreger
Offer David, Chair
P. O. Box 1455
25147 Kfar Vradim, Israel
Cell : +972-50-5249101
(Rabbi Lastreger)
E-mail: raba.kv.masorti@gmail.com


The Traditional Family Minyan is a young, family oriented congregation, affiliated with the Masorti Conservative Movement in Israel. We are located in Kfar Vradim, a village in the Western Galilee. Founded in September 1996 (Tishrei 5757), we meet every Friday night, Saturday morning and Holiday, with men and women participating equally. Children are also encouraged to take part in the services.

Our Vision As a community, HaMinyan HaMishpachti will pursue and share spiritual and ethical values relevant today, and will remain faithful to the highest ideals of Jewish tradition. Through prayer, personal and social involvement, we seek to strengthen our commitment to the Jewish homeland and the development of the Western Galilee, where we live.

To fulfill this vision we are committed to constructing our own synagogue building that will also serve as the Masorti Movement’s Regional Community Center in the Western Galilee. It will include a sanctuary, an educational facility and a Biblical garden. The Kfar Vradim Municipality has allotted us land. Architectural work and fund-raising are under way.

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