Congregation Adat Shalom – Emanuel

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Rabbi Yosef Kleiner
The Masorti Congregation
6 Miller Street
P.O. Box 1301
Rehovot 76112 ISRAEL
Phone: 011-972-8-946-9180



Congregation Adat Shalom – Emanuel is situated in Rehovot, about 24 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv and 10 kilometers from the sea. This city, once surrounded by orange groves, was founded in 1890 by Polish and Russian Jews, and today has a population of 109,000. Rehovot is home to state-of-the-art bio-tech and defense enterprises; the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences; and the Weizmann Institute of Science. There is no question of the value that this industrious community brings not only to Israel, but to the international community as well.

adat shalom emanuelComposed of about 160 families from Rehovot and the surrounding area, Congregation Adat Shalom – Emanuel was originally established in 1970 by North American immigrants, and remains the only Conservative (Masorti) congregation in the community, and in fact is the only non-Orthodox synagogue from Rishon LeZion to Ashdod.  Adat Shalom – Emanuel serves as a spiritual home to a diverse array of congregants, from native Israelis to immigrants from all around the world: Latin America, the UK, the United States, the former Soviet Union, Australia, France, and elsewhere.

A word about our Rabbi.  For the past seven years, we have turned to Rabbi Yosef Kleiner – himself a Latin American immigrant – for leadership, Jewish knowledge and wisdom, and for comfort in times of need. Rabbi Kleiner not only leads services on Shabbat and holidays, but also teaches weekly courses for teenagers and adults, as well as for Bar/Bat Mitzvah youth, and, alongside teen-aged counselors, supervises No’am (Conservative youth movement) activities.

Because Conservative Judaism in Israel offers a message of understanding and respect, pluralism and acceptance, we can offer a kind of Judaism that appeals to many secular Israeli Jews – especially those who would otherwise increasingly identify as Israelis but not as Jews. As such, we feel it is vital that our presence in the community be safeguarded.

Activities and News

  • Education

Emanuel serves as a regional center for Conservative Judaism. Classes in basic Judaism and Hebrew are offered to Russian immigrants, our congregational choir meets weekly, and there is a lecture series for adults. Future plans – future dreams – include outreach to young families, to non-affiliated post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah youth, and to other populations in Rehovot and surrounding communities.

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training

An inspiring 3-month class for coming-of-age youngsters; private tutoring in cantillation of Torah and Haftorah texts; family participation in Shabbat services and meetings with the Rabbi to discuss the relevance of Jewish observance in modern life. For non-ASE members, this event is often a catalyst for the family’s renewal of Jewish observance.

  • Judaica courses

Recent topics have included Social Action, Kashrut, Families in the Book of Genesis – Psychological and Moral Lessons, the Book of Exodus, and Talmud – addressing everyday Jewish Issues and Questions.

  • Adat Shalom-Emanuel Synagogue Women’s Study Group

Addressing topics of particular interest to women such as Public Prayer, Aliyot to the Torah, Women’s Role in Judaism Through the Ages, Growing up Jewish in the Diaspora, and the Four Daughters of the Passover Seder.

  • NOAM Youth Group

Teaching our youth pluralistic Jewish values in a environment. Themes have included principles of Judaism and Jewish Sources, “Emun vs Emunah” (Trust vs Belief), Jewish Holidays, and Community Action/Tikun Olam (distributing holiday treats to soldiers, visiting the elderly, community involvement).

  • Adat Shalom-Emanuel Choir

A synagogue activity open to members of the community. Its repertoire includes liturgical, classical, and folk music. The choir participates in various synagogue activities and special events, such as our annual Lag Ba’Omer bonfire.

  • Ezra Shniyah

a program in which members extend help to each others in times of sickness or mourning.

  • Social & Cultural Events

Building stronger personal ties in the community through concerts, lectures, films, field trips, and game nights.

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