Give a Soldier a Siddur…

We are doing something unprecedented and need your help. The Israeli Army has asked one of KBY’s associate congregations to expand a newly created Kabbalat Shabbat program for the Israel Defense Forces officer training school. For progressive Judaism in Israel this opportunity is revolutionary. Between 12-15 times a year, IDF officer courses and divisions, involving 3-4,00 soldiers, will be brought to Tel Aviv to experience a progressive Shabbat service, complete with a new progressive prayer book. We want to give this prayer book as a gift to every soldier. Click here to contribute… to the Soldiers Siddur project. Read this post to learn more.

KBY Releases Nishmat Shabbat (The Soul of Shabbat) CD

KBY announces its latest CD, Nishmat Shabbat, The Soul of Shabbat The project is a joint effort by KBY, Beit Knesset Moreshet Yisrael and Ahuva Batz. The CD selections are prayers and psalms sung during Shabbat morning services at Moreshet Yisrael, Jerusalem’s flagship Conservative synagogue. Experience the warmth of the music, recall Israel and Jerusalem, and perhaps remember a Shabbat service in Jerusalem. Click here to visit the Nishmat Shabbat (The Soul of Shabbat) album page.