Who is KBY?

KBY is the idea of Jeff Macklis who authored the Working Paper describing the initial KBY idea and program.  He and several friends have been working to develop the program. [ Email Jeff ]

Michele Hoberman provided research and administrative support to this effort.

David Maeir Epstein and his firm Resource Development for Non-Profits has acted as organizational consultant to KBY.  [Email David]

KBY’s attorney is Laura Solomon, Esq.  She is an experienced in non-profit lawyer.  Our IRS Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption is her handy work.

Grateful thanks for the input of Shaul Vardi, Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, and Mikie Goldstein, Masorti Movement in Israel, who commented upon and improved the idea during initial meetings with their respective movements.

Why Support a Congregation in Israel?

Essential Reasons to Support KBY

How Does KBY Work?