Jewish Love Songs CD

“Jewish Love Songs” is available now for a KBY contribution of $36 or more to any progressive congregation in Israel. Make a donation to the right and select this CD.

Solomon’s Song of Songs is the most enchanting collection of love poems ever created. This never-dry spring of Hebrew poetry has been continuously abounding with beautiful love songs emanating from the hearts of Hebrew lovers.  Israeli singer-composer Lana Sokolov and her band brings their own interpretations of some of the most moving love songs drawn out of these rich traditions.  The Jewish Love Song project was conceived by Lana Sokolov and Sagit Zilberman.

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Jewish Love Songs Audio Samples

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Music Production

Lana Sokolov

Sound Engineer & Arrangements

Ray Parker


Lana Sokolov & Faustina Abad-Sokolov


Brandon Terzic, Oud & Guitar

John Hart, Guitar

Sagit Zilberman, Saxophones & Recorder

Shane Shanahan, Percussion

Ray Parker, Upright Bass

Project Concept & Consultant

Dr. Shlomo Ariel

Graphic Design:  Claire Ben-Ari,
Photography: Oleg Voronoy
Executive Producer for KBY:  Jeff Macklis