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  • Donations can be made online by selecting a congregation in the donation box to the right and entering an amount.
  • Contributions of any size are appreciated, and contributions of $100 or more receive a KBY “Thank You” CD.

Join KBY as an Associate for $360. Your gift supports one progressive synagogue in Israel. KBY will connect you to a synagogue in Israel. Or express your support for a congregation you already know. State your commitment to Israel and progressive Judaism fully.

Support KBY as a Friend for $180.
Your contribution will permit KBY to fund progressive synagogues and programs.

Contributing to KBY makes a positive statement to Israel about the value, validity and authenticity of progressive Judaism by strengthening and empowering the 110+ Reform and Conservative kehillot in Israel. Thank you for helping us get started with this worthwhile endeavor.

All grants are subject to the provisions of the KBY By-Laws, Article VII, Procedures Governing Charitable Grants

Make checks payable to:
KBY Congregations Together, Inc.
P.O. Box 23170
Brooklyn, NY 11202-3170

Please note in the memo field any specific instructions
or Congregation.